Stop sea turtle farming

The problem

At the Cayman Turtle Farm, 9,500 endangered green sea turtles are farmed for meat. They are packed in filthy tanks and are so stressed they bite and maim each other. It's the last facility of its kind anywhere, and tourists are encouraged to handle the turtles.

The solution

These amazing creatures deserve a better, natural life. The Cayman Turtle Farm must stop farming turtles for meat. The farm should – and can – become a turtle rehabilitation and release facility. 

What we're doing

We're urging the Cayman Turtle Farm to stop meat production and start turtle rehabilitation and release. 

It's time to stop turtle suffering. Help turn this farm into a rehabilitation and release facility 

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Tell the world:

Sea turtles are solitary animals and natural swimmers – able to cover thousands of miles.

But at the Cayman Turtle Farm, turtles are forced to live in cramped, crowded tanks. Biting, sickness and stress are problems – as is inbreeding, with some turtles born without eyes. Animals are slaughtered for meat, which is sold to tourists in restaurants as steaks and burgers. But the transformation from turtle farm to rehabilitation and release centre has happened before. It can happen again. Join our campaign to stop sea turtle farming.