Stop sea turtle farming

The problem

  • At the Cayman Turtle Farm, 9,500 endangered green sea turtles are farmed for meat.
  • Packed in filthy tanks, turtles get so stressed they bite and maim each other.
  • It’s the last facility of its kind anywhere, and tourists are encouraged to handle turtles.

The solution

  • These amazing creatures deserve a better, natural life.
  • The Cayman Turtle Farm must stop farming turtles for meat.
  • The farm should – and can – become a turtle rehabilitation and release facility.

What we’re doing

  • We’re urging Cayman Turtle Farm to stop meat production and start turtle rehabilitation and release.
  • We’re asking supporters around the world to join our campaign.

Stop sea turtle farming

It’s time to stop turtles suffering. Help turn this farm into a rehabilitation and release facility. Take action today and ask your friends to also join the Stop sea turtle farming campaign.